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About THE 540 writers Community

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Hi, Writer-friend!

What’s the 540 Writers Community? 

Short answer: writers encouraging writers to write.

Long answer: the 540 Writers Community, also know as “the 540” is a free community for writers. Together, we write, hone our skills, and encourage each other in the writing journey.

The 540 Writers Community is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to educating, encouraging, and equipping writers to create clean, clear, compelling, life-changing content. The 540 Writers Community seeks to remove barriers (e.g., finances, location, caregiving situation, medical limitation) for writers by providing free, virtual opportunities to access stellar education.

You need the 540 Writers Community. And the 540 needs YOU.

Writing isn’t meant to be a solitary journey. With the 540, you’re never alone. Need information? Ask the community. Want to share something you’ve learned? We want to hear it.

How to Access the 540 Writers Community

The best places to interact are our Thursday educational sessions, weekday 540 Write-ins, and the 540 Facebook Group. For links to sessions, join the group with the orange button below.

Let’s cheer each other on to success and remind nag  encourage each other to keep writing.

How Much Does the 540 Writers Community Cost?

The 540 is forever free. Really.

Resources, encouragement, education: we’ll never send you a bill for anything.

As a nonprofit, our programs are funded through donations and supported by volunteers. If you’d like to help other writers succeed, we’re thrilled to have you volunteer, and we appreciate donations, but we’ll never pressure you for either.

Still have questions? 

Check out our FAQ page.

Ready to join the fun?

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