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  • Free, stellar, accessible writing education and support
  • Weekly educational Zoom sessions with industry experts (Thursday, 7 p.m., ET)
  • Weekly email with information and links
  • 540 Write-ins—online writing groups to help you stay focused
  • Members-only YouTube channel
  • Information about conference scholarships, contests, and free events
  • Discounts from our partners
  • Special speakers
  • Thriving Facebook group
  • Contests, anthologies, and other opportunities to learn
  • Encouragement and accountability

We’re an enthusiastic community of writers who love opportunities to interact, learn, and encourage.

Struggling to finish a project? You are definitely not alone. We’re here for you.

Novel writers often need a 100k-word first draft. Nonfiction writers generally need a 50k-word first draft.

The thought of writing 100,000 words might feel a little overwhelming, but here’s some fun writer-math: writing just 540 words per day results in a 100,000-word first draft in less than six months. A 50,000-word draft can take just 90 days.

The number 540 is only a reminder—regularly writing small chunks adds up.

Do I have to commit to writing 540 words per day?

Nope. We only ask that you encourage other writers and be willing to learn.

Sharing what you’ve learned is a definite plus. 

Nope. We’re all at different stages in the writing journey.

We’d LOVE to have you. The 540 Writers Community embraces writers at all stages in the writing journey (which is more like walking in circles than a mountain climb). If you’re interested in writing, open to learning, and willing to encourage others, we’re thrilled to journey with you.

We don’t care if you’re Karen Kingsbury or Stephen King. Here, no one is king.

Every 540 writer is just as highly valued as the next. (Welcome to being just another writer.)

To be fair, we love all our members, so you might still get special treatment. It just won’t be any more special than anyone else’s. Welcome to the 540!

We love writer-adjacent friends (publishers, agents, editors, illustrators). 

You’re absolutely welcome to hang out in the 540 Writers Community. If you’d like to teach us something new, even better.

The 540 Writing Community is free and always will be.

If you’d like to donate to help us reach more writers, fantastic—but you’ll never get a bill from us or be asked to pay a fee.

Sometimes, as with our writing contest, we request a suggested donation with submittals.

However, we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate, so we always provide an alternate option. 540 members often provide donations to cover fees for other members experiencing a financial barrier. The process of requesting assistance is 100% confidential.

Participate in the community conversation. Don’t be afraid if you’re new. Sometimes newbies with fresh perspective provide the best input/advice.

Everyone is welcome, and we particularly want to serve writers who feel alone or experience barriers. You know a writer who needs encouragement. Invite them to join the fun.

We can always use volunteers. If you’re interested, please email, subject line VOLUNTEER.

If you know someone we should know, please connect us!

We’re all six minutes from bacon. Wait, no. Six degrees from Kevin Bacon. Either way, your best friend’s other best friend might be 540’s new best friend.

If you hear a great speaker the 540 Writers Community members would love,

but you haven’t met them, tell us why you think the individual is awesome. We’ve got a serial extrovert who is happy to reach out to anyone, including Kevin.

And we’ll never turn down bacon. Or Bacon. Contact to connect us. **Link to connect page**

Some of our plans require staff. Right now, no one (and we mean no one) is getting paid. We’d like to hire some of the good people who’ve consistently done great work serving the 540 Writers Community. One-time or ongoing donations will help us reach this goal. Interested? Donate here. **Link to donation page**

Big plans for the future include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • an accessible writing curriculum
  • 24/7 writing support and accountability (540 Write-ins are already in progress)
  • virtual writing retreats and conferences
  • hands-on skill-building opportunities (contests, anthologies, editing, critique)

Everything we do centers around educating and assisting writers who experience barriers to learning. If you have experience writing grants, we could use your help.